Fountain of Youth: Found in a Freezer

    To this day, the Fountain of Youth has yet to be discovered, but with the use of whole-body cryotherapy, we are getting closer to reversing the effects and visible signs of aging, leaving one with better skin than they had 3 minutes before (the treatment).

   The skin is the largest organ of the body, our first line of defense and barrier of protection from our environment. Made up of many layers, the dermal (middle) layer is supported by an intricate collagen matrix that gives skin its strength and resilience. Over time, the production of collagen slows down and the collagen matrix in the skin is not as ‘tight’ as it used to be, leaving the skin more vulnerable to damage from the elements (sun, stress) as well as fatty deposit build-up in the dermal layers causing cellulite. Whole-body cryotherapy is the most effective treatment for improving skin’s overall appearance and reducing the noticeability of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles.

   Inside the chamber, the surface temperature of the skin drops to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature of the ‘environment’ in the chamber reaches -200 to -250 degrees). This drastic change causes the nerves in the deeper levels of the skin to send signals to the brain in response to the perceived “freezing”. Even though there is no risk to the body (gloves and socks are worn to protect the hands and feet), the body responds in such a way to protect and preserve itself. Blood vessels in the skin constrict as blood is directed to the core to protect the vital organs. Toxins are drawn out of the blood as it circulates in the core, becoming nutrient-dense and oxygen-rich.

   Once out of the chamber, vasodilation occurs and blood rushes back into circulation throughout the body. Even though there is no damage to the skin exposed to the cold air temperatures, the body still attempts to “repair” the outer layer of skin by stimulating collagen production, resulting in better skin with a firmer appearance and improving skin tone.

   Routine cryotherapy treatments can help rejuvenate the collagen matrix, improving skin’s resilience and reducing the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits at the skin’s surface.

The way to rejuvenate is to Restore.

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